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June 7, 2017

Mileage: 2877

What's being installed: Rays Gramlight 57dr in Black 18x9.5 et38, Dunlop Star Specs 265/35/18, Muteki SR35 Lugs

This was a wheel I lusted after in my WRX days. The simplistic design and overall quality appealed to me. ET38 is the PERFECT offset for this car and knowing this was indeed the offset on these wheels, I knew it was something I had to own. Before I bought my STI, I saw tons of pictures with 15+ STI's on the 57dr's. I knew it was the wheel I wanted for my car before I even brought it home.

I emailed a few vendors to see what kind of pricing they had and sure enough, these wheels were out of stock everywhere in the US until late summer. I guess I shouldn't be surprised since they are a great looking, affordable wheel. After emailing countless company's I gave up and decided to put it on hold for now. I didn't want to rush into getting another set of wheels when I ultimately wanted the 57dr's. I came very close to getting the 57CR's, but wasn't crazy about the 5 spokes and gloss black finish. Gloss black on wheels are a nightmare as they tend to swirl and scratch easily (had a set on my Jeep).

Decided to take a look in the FS section on the forum and see what was out there. Sure enough, my dream set of wheels were only a few states away selling for a killer price. Decided to scoop them up now before the deal slipped away. I wanted to sell my OEM 18's first, but since these came up, I went for it.

The seller shipped them out on Thursday and I got them on Monday. There is nothing like pulling up to your house and seeing two huge boxes sitting in the front of the garage waiting. Ripped the boxes open and knew I chose the right wheels as soon as I saw them. Simple and clean. The only issue with this set is that the tires on the wheels are fairly worn. They have a few thousand miles left on them, but I figured I would roll on them for the summer and pick up my DWS06's before the winter. Might as well use them if they are on already!

My lugs weren't coming in until Wednesday, so I took the 2 days to clean, clay, and seal the wheels before I put them on the car. That way I know they are to my standards and protected thoroughly.

Wednesday came, lugs came in, it's go time! However, this specific Wednesday just so happened to be our anniversary, we had deck furniture being delivered that needed to be put together for our daughters 2nd birthday party, said daughter came down with a fever that day, AND we are literally waiting for our 2nd daughter to be born any day now. My plan of putting the wheels on Wednesday slowly started to be put on the back burner since I had a million other things to tend to before. Luckily, I was able to get everything sorted out and I got a chance to sneak into the garage to throw the wheels on... at 10pm.

Very happy with how the wheels look on the car. The offset is absolutely perfect and the simplistic 6 spoke design really showcases the brakes well. I am excited to clean these wheels during the next wash! Very easy to clean! They brought the car to another level of aggressiveness. It feels so good to be back in the car game and making my vision a reality. This car is turning out to be easily my favorite car I've owned.

It is easy to see, the car is now a 4x4 off-roader with the amount of gap these wheels introduced. To be expected and I knew what I was in for. A proper suspension setup will really be the icing on the cake as it will definitely complete the overall look I am after. I am currently doing my research in coilovers and I plan on making the right choice the first time around. I made a big mistake with the feal 441's on my WRX and I do not intend on making that mistake again. I am going to take my time with the suspension on this car as I really want to improve the car, not downgrade. I have been speaking with Geoff at Cyngus Performance and he has been schooling me on everything I need to know. As of now it is between AST 5100's, Fortune Auto Gen 6, and the HKS Hypermax IV GT. The AST's are at the top of the list currently, but are indeed the most expensive. I am also flirting with the idea of the Spec Swift R Springs or the RCE yellow's, but not sure if it will give me what I am after. Not sure when I'll bite the bullet, but I will be sure to let you all know!

There isn't much left I really want to do to this car. Suspension with a rear sway bar and some 35%-50% tint is really all I have planned left. I would like to do the Subispeed Alcantara steering wheel as well. And possibly a solid stage 1 tune is at the back of my mind, but really not sure if I am totally there yet. I definitely think the car could use a bit more pep. I find myself thinking, "do I really need that much more power for the street?" I am sure someday I'll give into it and get a safe stage 1 tune, but for once, more power isn't at the top of the list.

That is all I have for now! I am sure I will be pretty preoccupied in the next few weeks/month with our newest arrival, so not sure how often I will be able to get on the forums. If I have any updates in the mean time, I will be sure to post up and keep everyone in the loop. Thanks for tuning in!

I apologize for the lack of pictures on this one! My delrium got the best of me and I thought I got more/better pictures. I am going to try and go out for a proper shoot when I get some free time and get the car cleaned up.

IMG_2100 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2105 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2085 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

Stock Wheels/Tires
IMG_2149 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

57dr's and tires
IMG_2072 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2144 by Freak Photography, on Flickr

IMG_2150 by Freak Photography, on Flickr
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