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Default Scoobyfreak86 2017 Lapis Blue Pearl STI Journal

November 8, 2017

Mileage: 7,708

What's being installed: Apollo Non Sequential LED Headlights

If any of you haven't noticed, I am sort of a lighting geek. With all my cars, I've always tried to better the overall output, clarity, and overall performance as I feel proper lighting on the road amplifies the overall enjoyment of driving the car. I've done retrofits and custom work to all my cars headlights and I knew this car was no different. I wanted to do something unique and different, but I felt my options were limited. Limited because these headlights come with LED's from the factory. You can't change bulbs or change the projectors without doing some extensive work. So I accepted the fact the OEM LED's were going to stay put. The output and cutoff were ok, but definitely room for improvement.

My initial plan was to open up the headlights, get some proper C lights, black out the orange reflector and call it a day. However, that all changed fairly quickly when I took a harder look at the Apollo headlights. They really caught my eye as they have a much better LED/projector setup. However, spending $900+ on headlights without much information on them was a hard bullet to chew. Most of the reviews only show the actual headlights. Not the cutoff, color flicker, output, etc. That is the most important part to me and I felt since no one was really showcasing the performance of these, that they weren't worth the money.

After much deliberation and research, I decided to go for it and list my OEM headlights for sale to justify the cost of the Apollo's. Sure enough, they sold for my asking price in a few hours. Now it was time to decide what company I would be purchasing from since Subispeed and Subimod's are the only company's carrying this product stateside at the moment.

Subispeed has a great arrange of products and have ordered with them in the past, but I wanted to see if Subimod's was willing to work something out as they are on the east coast and would be able to receive the headlights much quicker. I spoke with Nick and he went over everything with me. Extremely awesome customer service and just a stand up company. Anyone interested in ordering anything for our cars, I would have no hesitation to hit up Subimod's again. I'll be purchasing from them in the future for sure.

I placed the order on Monday and received them by Wednesday. I would have gotten them on Tuesday, but since I ordered later in the day after their carrier came, it had to go out next day. Super fast shipping. So fast that I didn't even get a chance to tell my wife about it and I got the "did you order more car parts?" text.

Opened them up and took a long look at the unit. Looked over the seals, materials used, overall quality and craftsmanship. Definitely built well and a really nice piece. My only complaints are the larger bump on on the sides to accommodate the larger projector and C light and the tabs to hold the headlight on are more flimsy than stock. I also noticed the apollo's are lighter than stock, but I wouldn't really call that a complaint as the components can simply be lighter (not necessarily cheaper). After inspecting it all, I decided to get in the garage and install these suckers.

I was a bit nervous about removing the front bumper since my WRX bumper started to sag and didn't fit right after the first time I took it off. I feared this would be the same result with this car. After fumbling with the brittle push clips for a bit, I got everything off the car and ready to put the new lights in. Everything slid back into place well and buttoned everything up great. Bumper went back on smoothly after a few swear words trying to manhandle it myself.

Fired everything up and instantly was able to see a clear upgrade. The output is far superior than the stock LED's as these offer a much more crisp cutoff with a ton more output. The overal look of the light is really aggressive and I think really updates the front end of this car. I loved that the 18's finally got the C light as the DRL since the 15-17 got the simple inner DRL/high beam setup. Although, I really do enjoy that look.

I opted to go for the no DRL wiring as I preferred the look of the C light and step lights on as my parking lights. If you used the DRL wiring, the projector is your DRL, the parking lights everything is on, just like it would be when the headlights are completely on. I would rather have my options as to what lights I want on, so I decided to not use the harness. I do wish there was a harness to be able to run the C lights as your DRL, C lights and step lights as your parking lights, and full on would be everything. That would be my ideal setup.

After I made an adjustment to the height on the driver side, I headed out to test these out. Immediately, you can tell just how much more light is on the road. The beam is much wider and the usable light is fantastic. This is exactly where the OEM lights lacked. The beam wasn't wide enough for my liking and the overall projector just faded into the distance. There wasn't any distinctive cut off and you really couldn't tell how far the light was going. The Apollo's took what the OEM's lacked and made it so much better. Another feature I love is the Bi-LED high/low beam. Everything is in the projector, so you are getting great LED high beams that definitely light the road up well. I am not sure on this, but I could have sworn I heard a a motor adjusting the beam inside the headlight. I know the LED's have fans, but it was a distinctive motor sound and swore I saw the headlight move and level out. Can any confirm this?

Overall, I am very pleased with the performance of these lights. It is definitely an upgrade from the limited wrx and sti headlights. I can only imagine how big of an upgrade it is for anyone with a base or premium wrx. The lighting world has taken leaps and bounds in such a short time and it excites me to see company's are jumping on the bandwagon and really putting out some solid lighting products. For anyone on the edge about getting these, I definitely suggest it! I am looking forward to spending more time behind the wheel with these lights.

I want to thank the guys over at Subimods for asking all of my questions and helping me out with the entire transaction. Not to mention the incredibly fast shipping! Be sure to check them out

I promise to get some cutoff pictures tonight. I didn't have enough time to get to a proper location and get some accurate shots last night. Stay tuned!

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