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May 29, 2018

What's being installed: OEM Kicker subwoofer

Mileage: 13,579

I've been hunting high and low for the kicker subwoofer to complete the kicker speaker upgrade. After doing the tweeters and door speakers, I was almost satisified, but I could tell the system needed the lows to fill in the gaps. I battled back and forth with a ton of different options, but ultimately decided to go on the search for the kicker sub for the ease of install and OEM fitment.

Not many go on the market, so I checked just about every day to see if anything popped up. Anything from the dealer was pretty pricey and had a hard time biting the bullet since the cheapest I came across was $401 before shipping. While I knew it would be worth it, I decided to hold out to see if anything used came up for sale. Normally, my impatient self gets the best of me, however, this time patience actually worked in my favor. Someone put up a set of kicker tweeters and the sub for sale on here. They were selling it at a great price so I decided to scoop it up. It did not come with the harness needed, but I decided to get it anyway since $200 bucks for a brand new unit was pretty darn hard to pass up.

Now it took some research to find the correct harness I needed since there is some pretty vague information out there. There are a ton of different options out there for the VA chassis, so making sure I had the correct harness was important. I knew installing this required quite a bit of work so I didn't want to get knee deep into the install to find out I have the wrong harness. After a ton of searching through threads and asking questions, I determined the harness needed was part# H630SFG810. This part number is for anyone with 0- & 6-pin Subaru/Toyota style power/speaker harness. For all models with "STARLINK" style HUs. The cheapest I was able to find was from a dealer out west
called Schlossmann Subaru ( It was 90 bucks. I know pricey, but it was the cheapest I could find and figured it was worth the price to have the correct wiring to use for the install.

Everything arrived over the memorial day weekend and decided to tackle the install as soon as I had some time to get in the garage. Of course I pick the most humid night of all time. Got cracking on getting all the pieces off the car where I needed access. Pretty insane how many pieces you needed to remove just to run a wire. However, I really took my time to make sure it was run as clean as possible and looked OEM.

Everything went really smoothly and was able to run the harness along the OEM wire harness right back into the trunk. The hardest part of the install was getting the HU back into place with the extra wiring. There are a ton of sharp edges behind there that can pinch wires and cause things to bundle up. It took me a solid 25 minutes to get everything sitting properly without anything being crushed. Also, the side bolts to get the head unit out are a major PITA. The bolts are extremely hidden hidden and unnecessarily deep into the dash. In fact, I dropped the passenger side side bolt into the abyss. Luckily, I had another 10mm bolt that fit the spot. If you are installing, be careful of these bolts as it is very easy to drop!

The last obstacle I came across was having the sub fit properly with the OEM trunk liner. It is meant to be used without it, so I knew I had to do some cutting to get everything to fit properly. All I had to do was cut off the "wall" where the sub sits and it was able to go into place perfectly. Looks super clean and glad I was able to get it to fit properly.


The great part about this upgrade was I installed each set of speakers in stages. This allowed me to hear the differences each upgrade made to the system. The tweeters made it a night and day difference right away since it allowed a much more clear and crisp sound. The door speakers helped get rid of the muddy sound and provided more clarity to the sound. Although, I found it to take away some of bass the stock speakers provided. But after they broke in, the kickers gave just the right amount of lows without being overpowering. They broke in a lot, so I was pleased with the upgrade. I knew the sub would just fill in the remaining gaps the system needed. And yes, I battled back and forth for weeks about upgrading the headunit. I came to the conclusion I wanted to keep everything simple and OEM and didn't want to lose (or even gain) functions of the car. Half of the options I don't even use as I mainly use the HU to stream spotify/navigation from iphone or play music through my ipod. I hardly ever take calls, I am not a fan of apple car play, and all the other functions of an aftermarket HU offer doesn't entice me. I am sure the only thing I would be paying for/wanting is a more detailed EQ to mess around with. However, the stock HU provides enough adjustments for me to get the system sounding pretty awesome.

Adding the sub was the cherry on top. It completely filled out the gaps it was missing and hits pretty damn hard for a 10". The only negative thing is it does not have a volume level, but it can be lowered through the HU's EQ. There isn't a specific sub level to adjust, but I the way I have the levels set, it is just the right amount. I love how snug it fits into the corner of the trunk. It doesn't take up much space at all and allows the trunk to still be used to it's full extent. Most aftermarket units limit the space and get in the way. This is tucked into the left corner nicely. If you can find one used, scoop it up. However, I still feel it is worth the money if you get one from the dealer. It really completes the system and has completely satisfied my needs. If I ever want to add an amp or even a headunit, it will only make things that much better. I am pretty satisfied though, so this should be a big check mark on the "to do" list.

Coming up: Tint! Going in this weekend for 35% tint all around. Stay tuned.

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