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Default Scoobyfreak86 2017 Lapis Blue Pearl STI Journal

July 9, 2018

What's being installed: Kartboy Short Shifter and Perrin Reverse Lockout

Mileage: 14,752

I was up in the air of what to do next to the car as I wanted to start doing some driver mods to enhance the overall driving experience. I am pretty happy with the overall look of the car, so I wanted to invest some time into making the drive more fun. I was up in the air between a short shifter, rear sway bar, or a cobb accessport. I really took my time with this decision as I wanted to make sure whatever I put into the car would give me the upgraded feeling I was looking for.

I was leaning towards the rear sway bar for a while since I know this made a massive difference in my WRX. However, realizing the STI comes with a 20mm rear sway already, I knew upgrading to a 22mm wasn't even worth it. I read some reviews and people said they didn't even notice a difference. I would need to go to a 24mm to make it worthwhile. I still plan on scooping one up in the future, but I decided to hold off for a bit and do more research.

Doing a simple stage 1 tune also crossed my mind. I am pretty content with the stock power, but wouldn't mind a tad more umpf. Also the benefits of smoothing out the gears and the ability to get launch control as well as monitoring the motor through the accessport. Went back and forth on this, but ultimately decided to shy away from it since I am still in warranty. Maybe once I hit that expiration mark, I'll reconsider.

This left me with a short shifter. I loved the shorter throw and notchy feeling when I put the kartboy into my WRX. It changed the whole driving experience and this seemed like ir was exactly what I was after. I battled back and forth with the cobb and kartboy for a few weeks, but ended up going with the kartboy.

A few reasons as to why are 1. the cobb adjustability is nice, but I have realized too much adjustability can be a bad thing. Constantly trying to make it perfect and make small adjustments here and there drive me nuts. 2. I heard that the cobb can get loose over time due to the adjustments that can be made. 3. Have to do some cutting/filing if you want to go lower so nothing rubs.

I decided to go with the kartboy due to my previous experience and the "set it and forget it" concept. I also decided to go with a new lockout lever since I heard the stock one can rattle and cause some major annoyances. I wanted to do everything I could at once so I don't have to take everything apart again down the line. I decided on the perrin due to the single piece design and the reviews. It's a bit simple looking, but the simplistic design is what makes it stand out from the rest to me.

I did some shopping around and luckily the wekeend I decided on, there were a few 4th of july sales going on. SMY Performance had the best deal going so I decided to snag them up. In a few short days, they were in my mailbox ready to go.

I went out to the garage to simply take a look at everything, but ended up deciding to tackle the install. It took a few minutes to find the reverse lock out bracket under the car, but ended up sticking an allen key in there to hold it's spot. Got into the car and got to work taking everything apart and out of the car.

Removal of the stock shifter and reverse lock out went incredibly smooth. Everything came out safely and I did not come across one issue. It was now time to put the new stuff back in and see what I thought about this combo.

Well, that didn't go as expected. I greased the ball on the shifter and all the rubber bushings to ensure a squeak free operation. Everything popped into place and not it was time to get the perrin reverse lockout on. After studying the engineering behind it, I knew what had to be done and immediately thought this is going to be tough. Having to line up the hole on the lockout to the hole in the reverse cable proved to be quite tricky. Not to mention you have to get the OEM pin in these 2 holes while trying to hold everything into place.

The pin gave me some serious trouble as lining everything up and trying to hammer a small pin in a tight area was not fun. In previous models, the perrin lockout used a screw, which I thought would be a much easier install. I am not too sure why the decided to go back to the pin, but just a forewarning to anyone installing one of these. After some serious manipulation, blood hands, and pep talks to myself, I managed to get the pin into all the proper holes. After that, I managed to button everything else up in a matter of minutes.

Upon initial feel, I loved the shortened throw and notchy gear feeling. Everything felt super precise. It's always so confident inspiring when you shift and have no question on what gear you are going in. I couldn't wait to get out on the road to put it through its paces.

The perrin reverse lockout however felt a bit sticky. I ended up using the supplied grease, but after some reading, people said to not use it since it's pretty sticky and can cause it to get stuck. Mine moves, but it doesn't slide as nicely as the OEM one did. I have some high performance suspension grease I can use, but I am not looking to remove it after all the trouble I had installing it. I am going to try to see if I can inject some of it in there without taking it off to make it slide a bit smoother. It works though!

The drive to work felt amazing. It brought me back to when I installed it in my WRX. Super precise and notchy. Not much effort is needed to get the car into gear. I love the shortened throw and I had no problem adjusting to the new shift feeling. I can't wait to drive it more and looking forward to putting many miles on this setup!

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