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Thanks for the positive comments. I can see why some don't like the black, but I do. I just wanted to show a different look for some of you out there. I know got many ideas form thers cars. The black wheels I saw in a Japanese mag. they just struck me as bad lookin. I take everyones opinion with a grain o salt. Pictures do the car no justice either.

no offence taken man. i like the covers, and think they look clean. I never use the fogs, so for me it worked

WRC 555
45 per wheel for the coating, 25 to sand blast. so 70 in total. I kissed a guardrail, so i needed it done anyway, and ins. covered it. All four were bent as well. so i had them straightened at the same time.

Need my AWD
I am thinking the same thing. Carbon or blacked out aluminum, and a prodrive or ver 5 wing. Of course after i put in a turbo


PS Impy

I didn't pay that much, but close. It is a three piece design, and because it was a one off, it cost a bit more. I am figuring about that much if I had a few made. It is a pretty complex design.

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