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Originally posted by X4 SRT
Yeah our cars are fairly quick. I'm not too sure if the GTI VR6 is quicker or not, I would put my money on not. No doubt an SRT-4 is much much quicker, you can probably take them off the line though. As for the Focus SVT, and the Sentre SE-R V Spec; the focus only produces 170hp, and 145 ft/lbs of torque, no way is this car going to keep up with you; you will beat it off the line by a car length or more, and they don't have the power or torque to pull on you. Sentra's are putting out about 180hp, and 175 ft/lbs of torque, you will also beat this car off the line by about a car length, maybe more, and since the hp and torque numbers are almost the same I would say you will stay in front of the. As for top speed. I got my car up to 135 mph about a month ago, and my car is completely stock. I was in fifth gear running about 5200-5500 RPM, so I would say the car is good for about 140mph stock.

You forget drive line losses, I don't like to admit it but I will, I've done some street racing in my day and I know that the spec v is faster, not by much, but it is. I don't know for sure about the svt for sure. The GTIs are quick man, I've driven several and they defintiely have something on a stock RS. As for top speed, I've hit 135 also, this was comming off of a 6% grade but it stayed there until the road headed up.
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