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Default Scoobyfreak86 2017 Lapis Blue Pearl STI Journal

September 26, 2018

What's being installed: Cobb Accessport Stage 1 93 Tune

Mileage: 16,880

So I bit the bullet and decided to tune the car. I tried my best to hold out as long as I could, but all eventually decided to pick one up so I can monitor to cars health on a daily basis and get that little bump in power that I often wondered about. I really enjoyed the extra power and capabilities the accessport provided for my WRX, so I figured it was time to get one for the STI and check it off the list.

Like anyone else who mods cars, the first thing one would do is search the FS threads to find a good deal on something slightly used. I scoured the threads for a few weeks trying to find a deal that would push me over the edge to get one. I ended up coming across a deal that caught my attention and decided to go for it after asking the seller to send me pics with their name and date on the sheet of paper next to the AP for proof. Got the picture and sent the money over. Not even a day later, the guy stopped responding and found out that he created multiple accounts and scammed quite a few members on here for the same item. Second time I've ever been scammed on here and luckily paypal and my CC company handle situations like this well. Ended up getting the refund, but it will be the last time I ever buy something on any forum again. The only way I'll snag something is if it's local and can pay in person. Otherwise, I am done wheeling and dealing with the scumbags that ruin it for us.

After I dealt with that, I decided to just go with a brand new one since I wouldn't have to worry about scammers or not getting what I wanted. Hit up subispeed and ordered one up since I was getting a few other things from them anyway. A few days later, it arrived and I headed into the garage to load up the stage 1 93 map. Of course, install was very easy to follow and before I knew it, I had the map loaded up and the car was ready to go.

The next morning, started the car up for work and headed out to test the new tune. The first thing I noticed was the smoother more progressive pedal feel. I found I did not have to blip the throttle to get into first to make it smooth. I could just put it in first and start going. On the stock tune, I found blipping the gas a bit to get the RPM's up would smooth out the acceleration and wouldn't be so jerky. Another instant change I noticed was the decel when coming to a step. With the stock tune, decel was extremely jerky and would almost buck a bit when it reached a certain RPM in 2nd or 1st. It always made me feel like a novice manual driver and it took a lot of practice to make the car. With the Cobb Stage 1, that jerkiness is way less noticeable. It is still there slightly, but it is much easier to manage and make the car smooth.

Now onto the fun part. The upgraded power. Is there a difference? Most definitely. I can feel the turbo kicking in a bit sooner and it definitely pulls harder when under WOT. The turbo seems to be a bit more audible as well, which is always welcomed. The cooler fall morning air definitely is something the car enjoys and it took me a bit by surprise the fast few days. While, it is isn't a crazy huge jump in power, I definitely think it is a nice little bump without going over the top. The stock power was enough for the street for me, so the little bump the tune provided just made it that much better. I have thought about going with a MAP stage 1 tune as I have heard good reviews on their maps. We will see though as I want to get a good feel for the Cobb Stage 1 first before I start hopping around to different tunes.

I have noticed I got a tad -1.40 feedback knock once in a while. One time I hit -2.4, but that was only once and it has not shown up again. I have noticed when you let the car warm up properly and the intake temp is in the 80's or below, I don't get that knock. From my research, it seems like the -1.40 feedback knock is pretty normal and nothing to worry about. I will continue to monitor it and see if it changes after the car adapts a bit more to the new tune. Any insight on what I should be looking at/watching in regards to numbers for knock and such would be helpful. I am not 100% sure what is good/not good. I want to make sure the car is staying healthy and not overdoing it.

I ended up mounting the AP in the center dash cubby under the radio. I had an old cell phone mount that sections and it ended up fitting perfectly underneath there and to the side by my right knee. It doesn't get in the way of shifting or my seat position. I also ran the wire under the steering wheel along the side of the central console. Very discrete and can't even tell there is a wire there. I don't have any current pictures of this setup, but I will be sure to post them up if anyone is interested.

In conclusion, I think the upgrade is worth it. It definitely isn't cheap. It did take me a while to justify the price, but in the end having the ability to monitor the car, have a code reader, launch control, tuning abilities, etc makes it worth the purchase. I definitely am enjoying the added features and power and looking forward to improving the overall drivability of the car even future. I do not plan to go any farther than stage 1 as I feel most comfortable keeping it at this level. I don't like gambling, so I doubt I'll ever go to stage 2.

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