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Why don't they just go RWD with traction control (to curb the litigations), I don't know
Obviously you're from an area that doesn't get snow. They make 260hp FWD luxury cars because that's what people want to buy. In Minnesota, if you buy a 260 hp RWD car (Mustang), you'd better either keep it in the garage all winter or expect to total it driving on icey roads. Wheelspin or not, FWD will keep you alive on ice. My Explorer was a complete deathtrap when it snowed. I finally ended up spinning out and totalling it. You can't really spin-out a FWD car. If it slips, it slides forward. If a RWD slips, it spins around and then you don't have a chance of regaining control. The only people who buy RWD cars up here are the people that can afford to park it during the winter and drive a second car.
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