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Default Scoobyfreak86 2017 Lapis Blue Pearl STI Journal

November 24, 2018

What's being installed: Idoing Android Headunit

Mileage: 18,215

Welp. I did it. I went down the worm hole of digging into the stereo and it looks like I have touched everything there is to touch basically. Started off with the speakers. Then a sub. Then a DSP. Finally finished it off with a capable headunit that offered OEM features, yet looked OEM.

I have been browsing around the webs for something that would fit the bill of what I am after. I wanted a headunit that had features to update the tech in the car, yet keep things as simple as possible. I didn't want to run different modules, harnesses, and amps all over the place to get it working correctly. I wanted a simple solution that was plug and play. I flirted with the idea of going with the typical pioneer/kenwood headunit, but I absolutely despised the aftermarket bezel look that comes with the upgrade. IMHO, it looked really cheap and downgraded the look of the interior. Even though it would add more tech and features, I just wasn't keen on spending $500+ on something I wasn't 100% on. Seeing all the new android headunits coming up really sparked my interest and made me realize there might be a solution that I was after.

Seicane, Dasaita, Idoing, etc. were doing all something similar. A plug in play unit that looked OEM and clean. After seeing a few different iterations of this style, I decided to go with the Idoing version as it looked the cleanest and was truly a plug and play option. Two of the features that won me over are carplay and plug and play for the OEM rear camera.

I ordered from Aliexpress during their "11.11" sale and ended up scoring it for around $340. Normally it is close to $500, so I decided to bite the bullet and get one. I figured if it sucked or it wasn't something I liked, I could sell it off cheap and not be upset about it. A mere 2 hours after I placed my order, I received a message from the seller showing me a picture of the actual unit and box wrapped up ready to ship to me. I have never gotten an actual picture of what I bought and the box it is coming in with my name and address before. It's a small detail, but this is where my love for this thing started.

3 day later, I received the package at my doorstep. Opened it up and was shocked how nice it was. The screen is gigantic and the overall quality felt just as good, if not better, than anything out there that was twice the price. All harnesses and cables were included. I honestly had a hard time not being overly excited about this as my first impression far exceeded my expectations.

Fast forward a few days later, I was able to get some time in the garage to install it. This is the third time I removed the factory OEM headunit and was excited it was my last. To simply remove an OEM headunit from a car should be pretty simple. However, to remove the stock one is simply a pain in the ass due to the location of the bottom 2 bolts. Either way, I made quick work of the removal and managed to get everything out of the car and ready to go for the new Idoing HU.

Install was extremely simple as all the plugs mated up to the harness perfectly. It does not come with instructions, so I was sort of playing the guessing game. However, it was really straight forward when you take a few minutes to look at each connection. Before buttoning eerything up, I turned the car on to check if everything was working properly. Right away, I noticed the front speakers were not working, so I immediately gt discouraged and said, I guess that's what I get for going the "cheaper" route. However, after some digging around and contacting the company, I found that you need to remove the starlink telematics module from the OEM unit and keep that plugged in. The reason for it is because the front speakers are channeled through that module for starlink. Found it very strange, but ended up plugging that in, stuffing it behind the dash, and sure enough, everything was working perfectly. Right away, I noticed the upgrade in sound. It sounds way more full, more low end, and simply just powers the speakers way better than the stock unit. It has a bit more adjustments on the EQ, so I was really able to dial in the sound I like. Bass hits hard and the sound gives off a very full sound. I know it's a worm hole with these cars to get the system to sound exceptional, but for a novice stereo enthusiast, it is more than adequate.

One of the best things about this is the simplicity. literally just plug my iphone into the supplied USB cable and up pops carplay. Just like any other modern car. Put the car into reverse, up pops the rear camera. Steering wheel controls all work perfectly just like OEM as you can set any button to whatever you want. The GPS supplied on the car is accurate and crystal clear. Bluetooth is easy to setup and stream. I honestly couldn't be more pleased with this unit. The startup time is awesome. Literally get in the car, start it, and within 1 second, the screen is on ready to roll. There is absolutely no lag time anywhere. The features on this thing is more than I'll ever want.

The fitment is like OEM. It snaps in (no bolts needed) very tightly and there are no gaps anywhere. Vents fit perfectly and all buttons snap in like OEM. Honestly, if someone didn't know this wasn't an OEM piece, I have a feeling they would think it came from the factory with it.

I have to mention the customer service as well. When I had some questions on the front speaker issue, I messaged the seller and literally within 2 minutes, I got a message on facebook from them. Mind you, this was at 11pm at night and they were talking me through the issue, showing pictures and everything. It was awesome. Easily one of, if not the best customer service I have ever experienced.

Now the real question is the longevity of it, however, I really don't see anything becoming an issue as the unit is extremely simple using up to date tech. Also based on the customer service, I have a feeling if I ever have an issue, they will do everything in their power to help me out.

I highly suggest picking one of these up if you are interested. It seriously changed my whole perspective of the car and made driving this thing that much more enjoyable. I now have all the features I'll ever need in a car all at the point of a finger.

I did end up removing my DSP I installed a bit ago as I found it to be creating a small hum when it was powered on. I decided to remove it and just use the unit itself to power the speakers. I have no regrets about that. If anyone wants it, I have it for sale for $100 (

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I didn't take many (actually none at all) during the install since I was so excited to just get the unit in. Here is the only picture I snapped and a quick video of carplay working. If I have the time, I plan to make a quick video showing the features and the unit overall to answer any questions anyone may have.

Here is the link to the one I got Idoing AndroidHeadunit

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