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Thanks for the input guys,

to answer questions:

Mirage: yes, I think it's speed relative. When i'm going fast on highway and i'm NOT on the gas, *if* i hear the noise, it'll be at a higher pitch. Let's say I let the car start slowing down without touching the brake (like rolling to a stop sign from 60 km/h) the noise (if i hear it) will get lower in pitch.

It's easier to distinguish the different pitches at lower speeds, since high speeds tend to just create "high" and "slightly higher" whining noises.

Penphoe: I do hear the noise when the car is at a stand still. More from the rear than the front,

Stubaru: When i tap on the brake, the noise doesn't seem to go away. If i gas it, the noise will dissapear. Not sure if it's cause it's being overshadowed by the EJ25 (that thing has a mean rumble), but i remember many times when I'm cruising at like 60-80 km/h, I'll hear the noise, I lightly tap the gas a bit, the noise is replaced by the engine growl, when i let off on the gas, the car will start to slow down, and respectively, the high pitched whine will come back from a Higher->lower pitch for that brief second i let off the gas and the car slows down.

BTW, this is an automatic car.

And to clarify, the sound is sorta like a jet engine. electrical, but high RPM...

It could coming from the engine, but it's hard to tell cause the engine is that much louder. Thats why i said it was louder in the back.

sorry for all these questions... I have absolutely no experience with Subarus, and don't know anyone with one...

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