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Originally posted by rsholland

Not an Alfa grille, unless you consider it a fat Alfa grille that is upside down.

As to styling and design, well that's a personal choice, for sure. Let me just say that I've been a graphic designer for over 30 years and teach design part-time on a college level. So I'm speaking with what I hope is from a knowledgable standpoint. Again, feel free to disagree.

OK. I'll do that. I know I have good taste, and that's all the credential I need for myself. Some people like cubist styles while I prefer Impressionist. One can appreciate different approaches while liking one better.

If I make a grill that is basically a rectangle with a diagonal line from bottom left to top right and the badge in the middle, is that not a rip off of Volvo? Although there are things about the design that I don't like, my biggest arguement is how it looks like an upside down alfa especially with the horizontal openings to the sides of the featured center. It's just my opinion. I don't like Supras because they look like a Japanese version of an F40- like you took one and blew in the tailpipe real hard to make it more rounded. It doesn't mean that the design is bad, but I prefer certain "classes" of cars to have more originality. This is especially important when this "style" is going to start changing the face of Subaru for possibly the next 20 years or so. That's important.
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