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Hold on now! I guess I must get invovled for once.
First off I don't post, boast or anything on any board for this exact reason.
Imprezer read the quote: Turbo installed and tuned (ON THE CAR) What's the arguement here.
Then removed and installed on the dyno in car configuration and run to get the dyno sheets from that. Both dyno sheets engine and wheel dyno will be availble.
Thats what everyone is crying about,got to have dyno sheets,everything is BS until then.
Does everyone want dyno sheets from the race cars. NO
They run on 110 and have no emissions whatso ever.
Terry is very excited yes,brainwashed I doubt it.
He is getting the first production run of parts, not prototypes. Most importantly he is very careful and doubts everything.
Can't think of a better customer to start with than one that doesn't believe you.
Everyone can be as doubtful and pessimestic as they want but I don't pay attention to any of it.
Everyone seems to know more than the next.
Do we claim to be the best NO.
Do we claim to have the most power NO.
Do we flame anyone NO.
Do we tell them what to do NO.
Once we have done everything that we can and we suceed or not, I still will never flame anyone discredit anyones parts or otherwise.
The subaru's are fun and I just want to make them go fast.
You can come and see what we are doing or you can sit and flame to your hearts content.
Still I am the one with the now three car race team, I'm the one with the 300,000 or so spent on everything (engines,trans,semi-trucks ProRally season) but i'm not the only one to benefit from what I am doing.
Right now Terry will benefit.
If I suceed so will others. It takes money to go fast and make parts.
So far it is a small group that is doing just that and I have never seen monster flames coming from any of them (Shiv, Trey, CTC, BPM, MRT, SPD)
Really I am just happy to one of the ones actually doing it.

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