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Do I think I'm a "super tuner"? No. I don't think I've ever said, or implied, that I "know it all". What I have done is argue some technical points when contested by others. I've relayed information that I gathered while learning about these cars, and have been challenged on it, and have challenged right back. If you tell me I'm wrong, you'd best have factual data to show me where I'm in error. I, in turn, will do my level best to gather factual data to support my position.

I don't know where your animosity comes from. I'm simply relaying information as I get it, and gathering more information in turn to ask more detailed questions. I don't claim to be the root source of knowledge of anything.

If I've bruised your ego about your knowledge of these cars, so be it. I've been gathering information from varied sources for the last year and more, and now feel comfortable that I'm sufficiently knowledgable to not get suckered by someone making outrageous claims.

I heard about Rally Knight from ravent and ARG, and went up to their shop to see what they were about. I've been investigating as time allows, and have found that every claim Jonathon has made has been grounded in fact.

I've shared my findings with the rest of the I Club, since I feel it would be beneficial for those who can't do as I have and drop in and visit the shop in person.

Believe me, I've grilled Jonathon many times on the phone for an hour or two at a time. I've asked very technical questions about the engines, the CARB approval process, the transmission problems, the turbo failures he's experienced with his personal race car, and a variety of other issues. I take NOTHING on faith. I've been doing the same with Paul Guard in regards to his possible foray into manufacturing Subaru gearsets.

I don't claim to be able to tune a 450HP, daily drivable Subaru engine that will run on 92 octane. I do believe that I'm well enough informed to know when I'm being fed a line of BS and when someone is making realistic claims. I *DO* have a background in automotive technology, I studied it for 2 years in college before switching to electronics as a career. I have also worked in the automotive repair sector (at the time I was studying it in college) and felt that a career in the repair and maintenance sector wouldn't be to my liking. I feel that if I had the chance, I'd love to work in the racing side of the automotive world.
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