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No "full monty" for me. Yet. I think that 300HP and torque will be more than enough for me for a while. I think if I went straight from a 100HP FWD to 450HP+ AWD car, I'd end up splattered on the back end of a semi (lorry to you).

That, and, realistically, I can't afford to do the whole car in one fell swoop. For the price of the 450HP package, I wouldn't be able to afford much else. With the 300HP package, I'll be able to upgrade brakes, suspension, exterior, interior to keep up with the added power.

I'm not entirely sure which Motec the Rally Knight kit will utilize, to be perfectly honest. It could be an M4, or it may well be the M48, or even an M8. That's just one more detail that needs to be addressed.

Edit: Sorry, didn't see the question about the CARB part. I can conjecture on how they'd lock it out. I know of several ways it can be odone, but I don't know which method Motec or Leading Edge will use to prevent end user reprogramming. A code seems likely, since that's how Motec turns options on and off in their different ECU's. As I understand it, they're all mechanically identical, and to upgrade one to the next level, you take it to a dealer, and they plug it into a fixture and enter a code to unlock more features.

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