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ok, just got done from my 4 hour bio lab and need to relax, oh good thing i chat on this board in order to relax

ok my car right now has the ej22T, turbo cross member, turbo exhaust, custom harness for ecu.

Right now i am in the works of getting a tec 3 but the seller is in the hospital so its gona be a while before i get that.

ok, you can use the 95 ecu. but you will need osmething like an safc or something that will alow you to lean out the mixture otherwise you will get about 12 miles per gallon. and yes you have to put in premium for the turbo.

bad thing about running the 95 ecu. timing will be off, so if you boost over 8 psi you are gona blow your motor. second, it will run like crap, timing will be off, you will get all kinds of cels, and will hate the car.

your idle will be all funky and the car will stall at lights.

If you guys are in an area of high wrx population and htere is a 4wd dyno around then you can get a unichip and have that shop tune it. the unichip takes care of timing and fule issues. you will still get a cel for your egr valve but this would be the easiest thing to do.

the closest 4wd dyno for me is 5 to 6 hours so i never did this. also if you find a unichip dealer they can road tune the car if you have a boost gauge/airfuel gauge.

Umm about the ic. dont waste your time with the wrx ic. you have to cut the tb down and the ic and then you have a very good chance that the ic will pop off if youhit a bump or pot hole. the version 2 sti air/air ic will work and can be had for cheaper then the wrx ic. if you want one tell me and i will have my guy in japan send some over.

i am starting to work on my air/water ic set up. in japan the legacy turbo got the air/water ic and its about 14% beeter then an air to air. Only bad thing is that it adds 30-50 lb to the front of the car. but putting the bat in the trunk helps counter balance it.

if you want one of these tell me i know a local who has one and i can get more from japan or auziland.

main advice. dont guy anything untill you have it all writing out on paper. make plans and stick to them. i have a crud box now that is worth about 5 to 600 dollars, and its all stuff i am not going to use.

legacy turbo exhaust will fit if themid pipe is made like 3 inches longer.

good luck and pm me any time with quesitons.

oh and the conversions forum is great, but they can get a bit harsh on newbs.


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