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Has anyone else noticed how glitchy the bar at the bottom of the screen on the LM-1 unit is? It acts as thought the LCD is bad but the other numbers and letters that appear on the screen look just fine. I have also found it very difficult to get good acurate readings when I make a WOT pull. Usually the A/F ratio number will get stuck on one set ratio (like 15.1 for example) and will hold that until I let off and hit the gas again. If I go 3/4 throttle then it will give an accurate reading most of the time but as soon as I hit it to the floor it freezes?? Sometimes it will do fine but other times it wont. Is it the sensor or is it just the cheaper of the 2 VW sensors? I also noticed when doing a free air calibration that the O2% with go from 20.9 to 20.8 and just keep bouncing between the 2 numbers. I have also managed to get a sensor timing error so far. I thought from the details given about this unit that it would be superior to the others that are availible, but now I am really having some major second thoughts.
About the same behaviour with my LM-1! What can be the cause? Is it the sensor, is it the firmware?

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