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Originally posted by Gonz
What this thread needs is an actual tire review!

I'm running on stock rims, but not stock size. I have 225-50/16 Goodyear Eagle F1 GS-D3's.

I've had them for about 8000 miles. Their grip in the wet is simply amazing. If I wanted to I can actually go round curves faster in the wet than I normally drive in dry conditions !

I have not fully explored their grip in the wet, but it is beyond the point at which I am comfortable driving.

In the dry, I thought they were just as comfortable as the RE92's and just as quiet most of the time. THey get a little louder on grooved payment.

On dry pavement they stick well. I don't think that the sidewalls are super stiff because they don't have a particularly quick turn in and they ride pretty comfortably. This is at around 32 PSI.

The improvement in grip was enough that it really made the rest of the suspension feel weak. On the RE92's you can slide through corners with mild body roll and good balance. With the new tires the grip is so much that the body roll really becomes bothersome.

I eventually upgraded springs and shocks. Another comparison with the RE92' is that I had to get used to steering less through corners. Where the RE92's slip and travel at an angle to the direction pointed, the slip angle is consierably less when pushing the F1's at similar speeds. Takes a little getting used to.

The only thing I did not like was that I autocrossed once on them when they were very close to full tread, and noticed a little excessive feathering on one of the front tires. I have to say that I overcooked them by going a little hot into a turn; however, I don't think that those narrow tread blocks are the toughest available in terms of putting up with autocross abuse.

I've autocrossed on RE71's, SP8000's without that kind of damage. Once again, this was done at nearly brand new.

That day I switched from the F1's to the Victoracers in the afternooon and ran abou 1 second faster. Not bad for a street tire.

I didn't know anyone who had these tires when I got them, so I was kind of out on a limb. I really wanted a tire that was good in the rain after my experience (scary) with the RE92's.

Now if you look at the TireRacks ranking for Max Performance tire, these are right at the top. Just ahead of the S-03's and considerably cheaper. They were offering $50 refund at that time.

End of long-winded review

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