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I recently purchased Dunlop SP5000 Asymmetrical tires (size 205/55-16) to replace the stock RE92s. I don't participate in any driving events. I live in NY. My car is stock. I do about 70% city driving, somewhat aggressively.

I am comparing them to the stock RE92s. I have put about 300 miles on them but a big difference is immediately apparent. I ran 36 psi in the RE92s and I am currently running 35 psi in the Dunlops.

In the dry the Dulops have more grip. When I would take a downhill 90 degree turn driving aggressively the RE92s would break loose slightly and the car would slide and pivot through the intersection. I have taken the turn faster with the Dunlops and they just stick. It was much easier to break the tires loose during any maneuver with the RE92s. The Dunlops are giving me a much more secure feeling while driving, and I am sorry I drove so long with the RE92s. There is a much better feel braking aggressively or in a panic stop. The ABS does not activate nearly as much and the stop doesn't scare the hell out of me. Also the RE92s squealed like a pig every time I would take a turn slightly faster then normal. The Dunlops don't. There seems to be more body roll with the Dunlops, but maybe I need to up the psi, or maybe it is because of the greater grip.

In the wet the Dunlops have significantly more grip. It is not surprising because IMO the RE92s are horrible in the rain. The loaner Focus wagon I drove with no ABS greatly out-braked my WRX with RE92s in the rain. Going down a steep hill in the rain with the RE92s required extreme caution. If I had to stop short the ABS would go crazy, I would crap my pants and pray for the car to stop. The braking distance would be greatly increased to an unacceptable level. If there were also small bumps in the road stopping would not be an option. I have hit brakes hard with the Dunlops in the rain going downhill (the same hill) and was able to stop with confidence and minimum ABS activation. The way it should be. I am very happy with the wet weather performance so far. I would even say the Dunlops wet grip is comparable to the RE92s dry grip. Wet vs. wet it is no contest at all.

The Dunlops seem slightly noisier. The ride comfort feels the same.


20,000 miles later - I have now driven through two winters and I am pretty impressed with the snow capabilities. Driven carefully like an all season clad car should in snow, there was no hill I couldn't ascend.

After 20k miles my tread is around 2/32" in most places, and the tires pretty much need to be replaced (especially if I plan to drive in snow).
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