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#1.) what tire are you offering for review (please include size)
Michelin Pilot Sport; 225/45x17 91Y (the generic model)

#2.) what is your geographic location
Seattle area; drive all over WA, OR, southern BC

#3.) what types of driving events if any (i.e. track, AutoX, RallyX)
RallyX (our courses are on grassy parking lots for fairgrounds)

#4.) percent of highway vs. city driving
50/50...give or take 10-15%

#5.) your review and personal comments
I love 'em! I tend to drive aggressively when conditions permit (traffic, road conditions, weather...).

I run them at 39psi (set in my ~65F heated garage) all around in colder times, e.g. now, and 38 the rest of the time. I rotate them - fr to rr - generally when I change oil, at 7500 mi. intervals.

I've only used the stock 92s previously, for ~ the first 1500 miles (but enough to get a good feel for them, and the car's handling characteristics).

My other standard of comparison is our '93 Prelude Vtec, running Michelin Pilot XGTV4, 205/55x15 (stock size). Driven up to very aggressively; ~180k miles.

Dry: no comparison to the 92s (one would hope not!) Vastly superior traction and response. Very progressive at the limit, and "catchable".

Wet: seems like they have more traction here than the 92s did in the dry! Basically same comments as above, but at somewhat lower limits.

Snow: I've only played with them a bit on urban snow, but they did suprisingly well with the AWD. I've run them on logging roads in ~6" of crusty snow with no problem at all. (I've got LM-22s for winter use when needed.)

11/11: more snow/ice feedback... Just did a 2500 mi. trip to CO and back, with "back" being the challenge. 2 icy (sanded) 10k'+ twisty passes, followed by 20 mi. of high plains blizzard - 1-2" on the road. Then ~80 mi. of snow/ice in western WY, and ~150 mi. of same in NE OR. Not one "moment" through it all - no slips, slides, or other surprises. I was generally travelling a bit faster than the rest of the traffic - many semis - including passing 2 WY State Police who didn't seem at all concerned about it. The highest alert times were downhill icy corners next to semis in OR, but still no "moments". But if I'd had to hit the brakes...potential

Disclaimer: despite the above I'm not claiming these are optimal winter tires! I gambled on the weather 'caused I didn't want to put that many miles on the LM-22s for nothing. The gamble worked out, but I certainly would have felt safer on the LM-22s on those slippy surfaces!

Mud: well, they ain't a rally tire but they do surprisingly well in our PGT class.

Overall I would definitely buy then again. In fact I have: in 2 years we've had 7 flats and I've had to replace 2 ruined tires on the WRX; did the full set this last time. The one tire that survived through the flats came off with ~37k miles, and still has 3/32 tread iirc.

I've had to retrain my instincts to get the most out of these tires in spirited cornering: corners that I would brake for in the Prelude I've found I can now just...turn.

I'd love to try some of the other highly rated tires, but I'm not willing to gamble that kind of money that they would be an overall improvement - let alone a match for the Sports overall.
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