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Stupid stuff? Hehe.. I'll start off

Well, I had free and unlimited access to the chem lab in HS... So I managed to make (without killing myself) various gunpowders, napalm, nitroglycerin, and C-4. The most fun was contact explosive (Iodine crystals and strong ammonia) but after some "incidents" me and my idiot friends were forbidden from working in the lab except at certain times. My chem prof was a bit strange too, since he gave me extra credit for my experiments

Then there was the time my friends and I went to home depot and got the biggest I.D. schedule 40 pvc pipe we could find, and then turned the large pipes into shoulder fired rocket launchers. After all, those damn estes rockets have to be good for *something* right? We used to go out at lunch break and fire rockets out over the nearby highway.. Until one of my friends "accidentally" fired a rocket towards our school. After that incident plus another that almost resulted in the school being torched the administration decided to restrict our access to all the fun stuff.. oh well
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