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My older brothers best friend was getting married. He was 24, and my brother was 23. It was the night b4 the wedding, and of course they took him out to all the bars, and later in the eveing found there way back to my place. Of course the soon-to-be married or (not so soon to be married) guy was passed out by then. Then I got the bright idea, lets take his wallet and cell phone from him, goto the station, put him on a bus to Pittsburg, and see what happens....

2)when i was 12, a friend and I decided to get drunk for the first time in the woods. So we went to the neighbors house and gave him money. He asked what we wanted, and since we didnt know any better said 2 cases of Zima. Needless to say, him and I didnt get through much of the beer...

3)at 14, stole parents 69 chevy (puke green) with 10,000 original miles on it. Went out for ride (the whole day). Came home and parked it PERFECTLY! I was thinkin, yeah, its all good. Nope, Busted. First of all, everyone saw me. Second of all, the clutch WAS brand new (it was a 3 on the tree), but it wasnt so good when i was done with it...heck, i didnt even really know what a clutch, of course, i burnt the heck out of it. Bad Deal...

4)My go-kart ran out of gas, i needed a smaller containter to carry back the gas in. All i could find was a styrofome* cup. I think you all know what happened...

5)Went to the big development around Xmas time, and preceeded to take (one) bulb out of each string in peoples yards. That would in turn (on most), shut the lights off for the whole string...

6)Put a mouse in the schools candy machine. Some poor girl reached in later for her candy bar, and got bit....

7)Took the other 50 or so mice that were in my duffel bag to lunch. All went well, except that the mice had eaten through the bag, and as I was caryying the bag across the lunch room, mice were falling out. Math teacher saw me, and started coming my way to get the bag. Opps, i accidently unzipped the bag, and all the mice were out. (5 days outta school suspension). Might i add, that they were the last 5 days of my senior year too...I've been outta school longer than all my friends...hahaha

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