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When I was in school one of my friends was the student assistant for the Science department. So we stole everything we could get our hands on. Another one of my friends Jaymie convinced the student assistant to get us some acid. So he got us a baby food jar full of acid. I do not remember what type of acid. But anyways, we thought we were the ****, we had access to any chemicles we could think of needing. End of day we go to leave school, strolling through the main hall, right in front of several teachers and both principles (that was part of the fun, walking out right in front of them)and Jamyie drops the bottle of acid knocking the lid off and as the bottle makes this huge arc in the entry way about 20' in dia, he starts chasing after it to stop it. BUSTED!!! detention for ever. They wanted him to replace the whole from lobby carpet.
By the end of the year we had duffle bags full of misc chemicles. But they werent labled. We had no idea what we had. We took everything that was un readable and poured it together. We had blue smoke, green flames and I have no idea what else.

Another time we booked his mom and her new husband on a huge trip to COCOMO, plain fare, lodging, rental car, the works. The agent just kept piling it on. Teh travel agent called them like 2 weeks before they were supposed to go the get a new credit card number. The one we used had expired. Man she was pissed!!! I thought we were dead.

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