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Hey SoCal,

Here's what I know:
I moved out to SD last August (from Missouri) and bought my MY98 last April. I called the Calif.DMV and they said there was no longer a smog impact fee, and the car only has to pass the emissions test it was built for. So, your Fla. car will only have to pass Federal standards. You do not have to make any modifications to make your car meet Calif. emmissions. I haven't registered my car in Calif. yet, b/c I am a student, but when the time comes, it should be no prob.

I suggest you call the DMV anyways, just to make sure, but it shouldn't be a prob.

OH I just remembered...there was a catch on the sales tax. If you bring the vehicle into CA within 90 days of purchase, you must pay CA sales tax also. After 90 days, you don't have to cough up two sales taxes.
-Wait, that won't apply to you, b/c you'll probably buy the car and drive immediately to CA...
-It depends on whether the dealer makes you pay sales tax, or you pay sales tax when you register (like in missouri)
-If you're buying from a private individual, I don't know.

I hope I haven't confused you, but hopefully given you some things to look at...

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