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word, Chris.

Sony, while making a nice computer (the Vaio is pretty sweet) is a pain in the ass to deal with. When I used to service them, their software is all proprietary as is their hardware. Their restore CD worked ONLY in their Sony Vaio CD ROM drive, which, by the way, ran about $300 when I could get a 52x drive (at the time) for $75. If you popped this drive in, you could not do the restore, but rather, had to install the software from scratch then manually find all the drivers. What an ass pain.

I'm not sure about the computers Frys puts together. They seem to be pretty decent, but with computers, the best way to go is have a shop build one custom for you or build it yourself. Computer hardware is so cheap now that you can replace a motherboard for under $150. The only time I would recommend worrying about a warranty is if you purchase an HP/Compaq/Dell, etc. I say this not to make light of their reliability issues (although I can do that if you want), but because their parts are SO expensive. Back when I serviced HP (was a tech at Comp USA), I saw multiple people come in JUST out of their warranty period (even though most companies do offer a 30 day grace at the end of the warranty) with a fried mobo and the replacement part was $600 or more!!

They couldn't put in a board off the shelf because the boards in these systems were custom built to fit the cases they came in, which were not standard cases so they were forced to buy an all new computer. And they probably found themselves in the same place down the road.

So, to stop rambling - buy a custom pc from a local shop, or build it yourself. It's really VERY easy to do.
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