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WHy do people talk about power and not handling???

The legacy handles like a friggin camry. I guess that is the competition. I got my car to have great ballance by doubling the size of the rear sway bar, and then adding lots of caster and stiff bushings with the ALK. Now the car handles good for a heavy AWD car (although I always like RWD better). It is alot of fun like this, but I am getting so tired of the stiff ride with the ALK (makin my CD skip all of the time). Handling VS ride - you can have both but not in a Legacy.

I got so pissed, I went and bought an Audi. Much better fit and finish, and a suspension much better than a basic strut set up. I love it! Audi doesn't have diddly for HP, so I went and doubled the turbo's boost for some WRX style fun. Cheap and easy. I really can't do anything to the subie 2.5l engine without destroying the engine and transmission. Shoot, I go through a clutch every 20K on this car anyway (what the heck is going on with that???). Unfortunately the subie brakes are way too small on my car. It scares me to try to stop the subie after driving the Audi.

I know Subaru can do it (just look at the forrester turbo, WRX, STI...). My legacy is a poor attemtp at a GT. I can't believe they even put that logo on the car at all!

(did I vent enough? Power, suspension, brakes, interior fit and finnish - all way lower than an audi I hate to say...)
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