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#1.) Birdgestone S-03 Pole Position.

#2.) Orange County, CA (pretty obvious--it's in my sig)

#3.) None, I just do my own kinds of pleasure driving. I like to gun it around town and on the way to work I get a nice, 20-minute, twisty canyon run.

#4.) 70% city (I don't know how to explain it but my city driving is quite a lot like highway driving, they're mostly straight and long roads with the occassional stupid light intersection for subruban yuppies to make safe turns out of their new, overly developed area homes). 30% freeway driving.

#5.) Although, these tires are only a tad better in the cornering department than my old Yokohama AVS ES100's, the real kicker in my upgrade to S0-3's were in steering, braking, and acceleration--all of which the ES 100's felt numb to perform. The ES 100's grip really well which is exactly why it makes it corner so well but this becomes a hindrance in city driving since they actually slow you down at stop and go lights (the S-03's do it just right, I don't know how to put it objectively).

These are great tires for the three virtues I listed above. The one and only thing that I have a hard time with of is their weight (not to say the ES 100's were any lighter), but it kind of makes me wish I had bought Toyo T1-S's to cut down another 5-6 lbs. of weight per wheel. Considering that I bought some go fast SSR 16" wheels (which cut off an a$$load of weight compared to my stock 16's, and also added another 1" of width per wheel), the light weightness of the T1's are something I still lust for--and wished the S-03's were (less heavy). I do notice that these tires will follow road imperfections like a guided missile, but it does not bother me. They still feel smooth and are honestly quiet (from what I've seen). They make you and the car feel one with the road, like one aerodynamic, fluidous, frictionless, ball-bearing, moving with gracefulness. Indeed blissful.

To sum it up these are a kick butt tire. I'll likely buy them again. If you are in the market for $150 Z rated tires and want the absolute best then buy either the S-03's or T1-S's, neither will dissapoint.
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