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My nightclub days are long gone but there definitely are some clubs, etc in SLC. Park City has several clubs/bars and whatnot. Nightlife is NOT one of SLC's strong points though. We do have plenty of good restaurants if you know where to look. Then there are the dumb liquor laws. I am not a big drinker but in my experience these just cause an inconvenience moreso than preventing anything. There are state owned liquor stores where you can buy pretty much anything. Beer is available at the grocery store. I order beer from places like Chilis and Fridays, etc and you don't have to do anything special, they just bring it to you like anywhere else. There is an interesting law that one person cannot have more than one drink at a time. This just means when they bring you another, they have to take your previous glass. You can't line 'em up here like elsewhere.

Yes, there are alot of kids here. Again, this doesn't affect me all that much. SLC is very family oriented which has a few good byproducts such as low crime rate, etc. Not surprisingly, the LDS church has alot of say in the government. This can be both good and bad I suppose. All in all, none of that affects me badly though. My single biggest complaint with Utah is that the state income tax is very high at 7%. That sucks, although its easily forgivable when you take advantage of the location and scenery.
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