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Originally posted by Handsdown
that's why you get ISI whippets. brand that starbucks uses for their whipped creme.

that stuff is pure.

pure enough to kill A LOT of your brain cells. it's made me stupid.

but yeah, it's a lot like laughing gas, because that's what it is.

imagine a step ladder behind your soul, and taking two steps up that step ladder. imagine that you are a paper mache, and your consciousness is the balloon, and the balloon shrinks like 800%.

thats kinda what it feels like. it's almost spritual.

the bad part is it only lasts 30-45 seconds and it kills brain cells and vitamin B-12 deposits. this
1)makes you stupid quicker than you might imagine and
2)with prolonged use can make the outermost nerve endings (fingertips, toes, etc.) stop working until you replenish your B-12 vitamins.
Its fun to do while humping too!

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