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Originally posted by JewPac42
I am the least technical person on this board.
it's really not that difficult. If nothing else another member would help.

basically you

1. mount the bottle
2. mount the solenoids (2 of them)
3. mount the nozzle, it has a collar it screws into that mounts in the intake pipe somewhere.. about 6" from the throttle body
4. connect the long line from the bottle to the N20 solenoid, connect the N20 solenoid to the nozzle
5. tap into the fuel line with the supplied tee fitting, connect the short line from the tee to the fuel solenoid.
6. connect the fuel solenoid to the nozzle
7. mount the relay, WOT switch, and arm switch.
8. ground the 2 solenoids (they just have 2 wires each, no polarity so it doesn't matter)
9. connect the other solenoid wires to the relay, run a wire from the relay to the wot switch, then from the other switch terminal to the arm switch, then the other terminal to a ground
10. connect the relay to +12v

fill the bottle and enjoy
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