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Originally posted by Beau
The location of SLC couldn't be better from what I've read here and on some sites I've found ( mostly), the part I'm not sure about is everything else. I kind of get the idea that SLC is very conservative, is limited on fun things to do, and has a lot of stupid laws made up by wierd religious freaks. Orlando has a 2am cut off for drinking at establishments, but that is about it for rules concerning going out at night. Seems like I would be entering the mormon twilight zone.
Locaion is good. Yes, SLC is the most conservative city in America. This is fact. It doesn't mean you have to be though. I can be in Wendover in 90 minutes and drinking like a lush and gambling like a fiend. Or I can goto a bar in SLC or Park City and hang with a bunch of others who share my outlook. The last I heard, SLC is now about 50% practicing LDS. That leaves an awful lot of people who are either just not from here, or not taking part in what the city has become so well known for.

I've lived all over this country and have been to each state. Every place has its good and bad points. If you like outdoors activites, incredible scenery and want to live near "the mountains", SLC is the place. I am basically a non-religious heathen boy from the East/Midwest and I love it here. The weather is good without having extremes, there are plenty of activities, and I can be in Vegas in 5 hours. Limited on fun things to do, eh? Like what? Name some "fun things" you like to do and I'll tell you if we do not have them. Obviously surfing is out of the question. There are as many if not more things to do here than anywhere else I've lived. If nothing else, I can get in the car and drive myself into incredible alpine scenery in 10 minutes. This is what I hated about the midwest. Its FLAT... Mormon twilight zone? LOL Yeah, kinda. Its not that bad though. The people here are quite friendly, actually. I do not agree with the local belief structure, but thats allright. I am entitled to my opinion as they are. Again, as I've said and others have said, it doesn't affect me. The drinking laws are silly but prevent nothing. You can get lit here anytime. My best suggestion is to try and take a trip out here and see for yourself. If you do, let us know and we'll all hook up and grab a beer or something. At least that way you know some folks here and I'd be willing to show you around as I'm sure most of the other guys would too. We do have a good Suby community here.
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