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OK buy Nates beans


Originally posted by lawn boy
even if you're going by that rigged turbo magazine reiview, you are still wrong. The blitz made the most power of all the exhausts. I just dont understand the logic in paying over $500 for a non stainless, heavy as hell exhaust when for the same price you can get a gorgeous polished stainless steel exhaust that makes more power AND is lighter to boot. If it's too loud for you, you're too old. No exhaust is unbarably loud with stock cats in place.[/rant]
I, for one, am sick to death of listening to fart can, wimpy, punkass, stupid 'exhaust systms' on cars driven by fast and furious morons who THINK they are sO kEWl...
I don't care WHAT car it's on!

I drove big block hot-rods with headers and glass packs before many on this board were born and I'M NOT TOO OLD to listen to THAT.

Loud CAN be good...It's just too bad that so much loud sounds like **** these days.
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