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Default Re: Wheels that fit the STi.......

Originally posted by ami2fst4u
Well for the past few weeks I have been reading and searching as many posts to find this info. I have compiled a list of wheels that to the best of my knowledge fit the Sti with sizes and offsets. With out further delay here goes (all in random order):
  • Wheels that fit the STi (sizes and offsets):

    17 wheels:

    Rage Breaker = 17x7_ET42
    5Zigen FN01R-C = 17x8_ET48__(16 lbs)
    Enkei ES-Tarmac = 17x8.5_ET48__(16 lbs)
    Enkei ES-Tarmac = 17x9_ET50_(16 lbs)
    Enkei RS5 = 17x7_ET40__(19.8 lbs)
    Enkei RPF-1 = 17x8_ET45__(15.5 lbs)
    Volk SE37K = 17x8_ET44
    Volk TE37 = 17x8_ET44
    Volk CE28N = 17x7.5_ET33__(13.8 lbs)
    Volk CE28N = 17x8__ET38 & ET44
    Volk CE28N = 17x8.5_ET40 & ET44
    Volk CE28N = 17x9_ET43__(14.8 lbs)
    Gram Lights 57S = 17x7.5_ET48
    Gram Lights 57C = 17x7.5_ET48__(16.8 lbs)
    Gram Lights 57F = 17x7.5_ET48__(13.7 lbs)
    Gram Lights 57PRO = 17x7_ET40__(18.4 lbs)
    Gram Lights 57PRO = 17x8_ET40
    STi RS-ZERO by Rays= 17x8_ET40
    ASA KA3 = 17x7.5_ET48__(23.4 lbs)
    Advan RG = 17x8.5_ET43__(16.5 lbs)
    Advan TCII = 17x8.5_ET45
    OEM JDM STi = 17x7.5_ET53
    Rota Tarmac II = 17x7.5_ET48
    Rota SRD = 17x7.5_ET48__(18 lbs)
    Compomotive TH3 = 17x7.5_ET53__(22 lbs)
    WedSports RS-5SS-TSSC = 17x7.5_ET48__(15.6 lbs)
    SSR Competition = 17X8.5_ET48__(15.3 lbs)
    SSR GT7 = 17X7.5_ET48

    18 wheels:

    Crimson K6 = 18x8_ET46__(20.8 lbs)
    Black Racing Pro N1 = 18x8_ET45
    Advan RCII = 18x8.5_ET45
    Prodrive Special Edition P1 (STi Specific) = 18x7.5_ET46__(21 lbs)
    Prodrive GC-010 = 18x8_ET43
    Prodrive GC-06 = 18x8_ET43
    Prodrive GC-07 = 18x8_ET43
    Volk CE28N = 18x7.5_ET33
    Volk CE28N = 18x8_ET38 & ET44
    Volk CE28N = 17x8.5_ET40 & ET44
    Volk LE37T = 18x8.5_ET40
    Volk TE37 = 18x7.5_ET43__(17 lbs)
    Work Emotion CR KAI = 18x7.5_ET42
    Work Emotion Forged = 18x7.5_ET42__(17.4 lbs)
    STi RS-ZERO by Rays = 18x7.5_ET53
    SSR Competition = 18X8.5_ET48
    SSR GT7 = 18X8_ET48

If you don't see a wheel/offset listed that you KNOW fits the STi please post it, and I will update the list as more wheels come available. I too am still waiting to here back from a few manufactures as to other wheels that fit, and I will update accordingly after I get responses.


p.s. This list was compiled using fellow Nasioc members posts (members that actually have these wheels on Sti's) as well as some of the manufactures fitment guides.
I must be blind please point out Racing Hart CP-035R's in this post...and wheel specific info on the Black Cusco Sti pictured...

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