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Angry Subaru Track Day!!!???


What's wrong with all you wannabe posers? C'mon! Angus has put so much into this, why aren't more of you signed up for the track event. There are far more than 30 RSs in the Bay Area. Are you all so good that you don't need to learn anything about car control?

Don't flame me for my tone - I added smileys. All I really mean is that we need to get 30 deposits down or we lose the trackday. I know it's far off, but think of it this way. You have 14 weeks until the event. Put the event on your credit card now, and then save $15 per week. JUST $15 A WEEK! And you'll get world-class instruction from Shiv, Paul E., and some other fantastic drivers. You'll learn about your car. You'll learn how to read the road. You'll learn so much, it isn't even funny.

After my first track event, I think my street driving improved by more than it did after a dozen autocrosses (my parking lot skills, however, improved more from auto-x than from track ).

This is an opportunity of a life time. SoA will have someone there to talk with us. This is what we have all been asking for. Imagine that, SoA knows we have this track day coming up. They're thinking "wow, those impreza fans really do care about performance." Then we cancel the event. Oh yeah! That's the message we should send them.

C'mon. $15 a week for the next 14 weeks. That's one time less, eating out per week. That's $2 a day. Really, folks, to improve yourself, that's not much at all.

Plus, you might get your money back by winning some part for your car! And you'll get to meet all sorts of fun people

See you at the races, hopefully.

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