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Randy, you missed one thing. You wrote "At least at the track, you won't kill anyone else." Erm, T-hill HAS NEVER HAD AN ACCIDENT DURING ONE OF THEIR SCHOOL EVENTS. That's an awesome record and that's why if you act like an ARSE, they will eject you from the track. But, what that means for everyone else is that it's a SAFE place to learn. We're following all the school event rules, so we'll have no incidents.

What Randy said about school being a better mod than any is absolutely true. I'm not even the best driver out there by any stretch of the imagination. However, I'm willing to bet that in a completely stock car (if someone brings one), I can stick to almost any other driver here (Paul E., Shiv, and any other very experienced drivers aside). Heck, at buttonwillow, my rental Grand Prix was forced to pass porsches, NSXs, all makes of domestics, etc etc. My speeds through many of the turns were well above those posted by much better cars (entering tal-dega at about 90, finishing her off, counter-clock-wise, at over 100 mph (though I think my inside wheel must have lifted and been spinning in the air since that's faster than the race-tire'd RX7s and S2ks were taking it)), taking the decreasing radius off-ramp entering at above 55 and finishing my final slide above 35 (that's where the scooby rolled), etc. It's not that I had a better car, and the car had no mods. The driver was good

So come on out and learn something useful. Stop whining about SoA not bringing a turbo if you can't even show up for a subaru rep who wants to see how enthusiastic we really are about performance.

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