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Angry lost control =(

funny things happen when the ground is wet and there are wet leaves. also stupid driving instructors who don't obey the laws of driving*! i was at a stop sign yesterday waiting for the road to clear of traffic so i could turn left. I stopped first at the sign and waited for the road to clear. A driving instructor who was driving the vehicle stopped a little while later after i had stopped (he was goin the opposite way). When the road cleared up i went (since it was my right of way..i stopped first right?..duh) anywho he gunned it as i was making the turn. i slowed down to honk and as i drove around him the rear end got tail happy. so i tried to correct it..when all of a sudden a guy on a bike comes toward me..i panic because i almost hit i turn into the skid some more..(bad idea) the car over corrected and began to skid the other i tried to correct it..but by that time i had already tried to power out of the skid by feathering the gas the car went sideways..i hit a parked car and i spun onto the curve. The sad part is that i was just leaving school to go to work and people automatically assumed that i was "showing off" and got my self introuble when the truth was i tried to avoid a serious accident by avoiding the guy on the bike. its funny how people don't know who you are and how you are but say your a punk kid who shows off when they didn't even see the incident in the first place. Well i may be able to claim a rim that was scratched 3 months ago in a different situation (snow covered a curb and i didn't see it) atleast some sort of light has presented itself...thats my story for today.

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