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Default Wiring Specifics:

Q: "Do I have to do any wiring to swap <insert engine here> into my <insert Subaru here>?"
A: It is hard to answer that with a blanket statement, but it is safe to say that most swaps are going to require rewiring.

There are a few exceptions covered in this thread:, this thread:, and this thread: where it was either a bolted right in, or the electrical components were swapped over to the donor engine.

Q: "So how hard can wiring really be?"
A: The difficulty is all in your perception of things. If you are capable of reading wiring diagrams, handy with the soldering gun, and able to have your car down for about two weeks, then its not that difficult. Be prepared for headaches when you can't find what is causing that little quirk. Here is a preview of the things to address: However, there are also companies who have a made a business doing these conversions so there is enough difficulty that it shouldn't be taken lightly.

Q: "I think I can do this wiring myself, but I will need some help. Where can I turn?"
A: You can start off by searching this forum here. There are a lot of veterans out there that know a lot. Do a search first before asking a new question. Chances are, it has been asked before. You can also go to Subaru's very own technical information site,, or you can also try All Data:
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