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Angry I need a shoulder to cry on!!!

Ok, let me tell you what happened. My Girlfriend and I pulled into the Safeway parking lot (in my 6 month old RS) and this a$$hole in a '84 Ford Ranger was not paying attention and flying through the parking lot and hit me. He was going about 10 mph and F*cked up my baby! The hood is trashed, the grill is broken, Headlight is pushed back and has a big scratch acrossed it, the bumper is scratched to H*ll and back, and the license plate is bent. I am not a happy camper, but the funny thing is the Ford Ranger was really messed up. His bumper was folded back into the wheel and his fender had a huge buckle in it. So I have to deal with Insurance Co. on Monday, and get Quotes and stuff. That just ruinned my weekend!!!

Thanx For Listening
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