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OMGHi2U help wiring A/F gauge pleeeease?

ok all i need some help getting my A/F gague wired up corectly. i have a high flow cat that was throwing a P0420. i bought a mil elliminator to get rid of it. i went to wire up my A/F gauge and realized that i cant pull it from the ECU because the mil elliminator is changing the signal going to it. so i tried hooking it up to the O2 sensor before the elliminator. i have tried both white wires and the grey wire. none of them have worked. i didnt try the black as i am assuming that is the ground.

does anyone have any idea as to why it isnt working. i have power to it and the ground is good. one of the white wires gives me a constant signal that starts out mid stoich and falls to low stoich/lean and then just sits there.

is my mil elliminator causing this?
do you all think i should go buy another O2 sensor for the gauge (i have another bung allready set in my exhaust just before the cat i could use but i dont know how i would wire it up).

thanks for any help you all can provide
(sorry for the long post)
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