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hehe, the same reason GM screwed up the Montey, or Ford raped the Cougar (even tho the new one looks good, the old Cougar was RWD), or Chevy screwed up the Camaro (I HATE the front end), or even better, the same reason Mitsubishi destroyed the Eclipse. Oops, forgot one. How about what Toyota did to the Celica?

It's all about $$, they do some research, and some people say they like this new X style better than the good ole style from before. So the companies build them, people bitch about it (like what's going on here), older drivers, or new drivers buy the car because it looks "cool" and they don't know how the origional looked, then the people who were bitching give up and buy the car, and the old style is a memory.

Here's my take, the side of the car is real. The hood is off of a Pleo, with a scoop added. The headlights are also, with a turn signal put in, and the lights angled slightly. The rear talelights were tossed in, and it looks like they did a bad job.

It's prolly a hacked car left around to stir up trouble.

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