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no, if you have no time and if I where you I would get a 2002 WRX.

pros current model:
find aftermarket domestic parts
easily customizable
looks awsome
perfect all around car

cons current model:
takes too much money to even get near 215hp on a EJ25.
suspension sucks as always
back seats are a joke
non-turbo block (highly debatible)
2 piston front 1 piston back brake.
junk seats, junk upulstery, not impresive steering wheel
and wing I don't like
no alumium control arms and need to upgrade rear sway bar
stock transmissions suck

pros 2002 WRX:
better suspension, tranny
more hp, with cabability of easily upgrading turbo components
better suspension
better frame
wider and larger tires (as seen on the sti if it comes over here)
larger interior (even in the back!)
hopefully awsome seats and steering wheel.

cons 2002 impreza:
looks like a peice
base wrx rims don't flow(subjective)
base WRX doesn't come with 4 pots?
only 215hp
needs a new engine redisign, something to reaccomidate for the extra weight
non-adjustable center diff
still has a crappy suspension.
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