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Dan00RS, I honestly hope that you don't take everything that you see on TV as the truth. If you do, then I truly feel sorry for you. If you honestly believe all that DARE crap, and all the misinformation and propaganda that we as americans are force fed, then I pity you. All you get from the media is biased information that is not based on fact or science, but merely someone elses agenda.
I've researched exhaustively every substance that I put into my body.. and I continue to do so.
I haven't screwed myself up at all. I have a job. I pay my bills. Hell, I'm even married! I also go to raves now and then, and I've had my fair share of substances.. (Ecstacy a designer drug? Actually, it was first made in 1918 by Merck and was sold as a diet aid.)
What most people do not understand and do not want to hear, is that the two most dangerous drugs around are legal. Alcohol and tobacco. Want proof? Email me and I'll send you URL's to studies showing that..

As with anything, the key is Use, not abUse.


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