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Very true colin, drugs are a very touchy subject. I personally don't do drugs of any kind, I don't smoke, and I don't drink (yes, I'm 21), I have personally seen too many people destroy their lives for a fake "hi". I know of a guy who's in prison now for Statutory Rape. He was hi, and he got a girl hi, and her pregnant. She was 14, he was 26. It's a medical fact that all drugs do, be it "E" (I to go to raves when I can, but I stay clean), Special K, "G", or whatever, is trick your body into thinking the natural "drug" dopemine (sp?) is released. Only the drugs imitate it with a much higher concentration, so in short they make you feel REALLY good. Like all things your body get's used to this and it takes more and more to feel pleasure, hence people taking drugs more and more frequently (trying to reach that first "Hi"). The conequences of this of course are the risks of ODing, but the biggest loss is the fact that the simple pleasures in life, be it driving, eating, sex, anything, fade away into memories. I don't care how good a drug makes me feel, I'd rather take pleasure in the natural his in life, like driving my new RS around town, listening to music, or spending time with my girlfriend. No study on how "harmless" the drugs are will make me change my stance.

[Edit] But once again, I don't care what people do to their bodies, it's their life, not mine.


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