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There are various forms of escapeism. Many people are movie and TV addicts. Some people use sports fanaticism as a means of escape.

At least the drug users are experiencing things themselves instead of getting vicarious thrills from watching someone elso do something. (this is a pet peave) Its like you ask a couple of friends to go out and play ball and they so no, there's a game on.
ARRRRRRRRRRGH! Get a life, stop borrowing someone elses.

I'll tell you one thing. Mundane, non mentally challenging tasks such as dishes, vacuuming and raking leaves are much less boring with agood buzz on.

If we all spent our time autoxing or at six-flags or sky diving then there would be no need for mind altering substances. Sometimes life is dull and some of us are not satisfied with just accepting it. We want full adrenaline and dopamine rush, all the time.

Maybe when I'm 40 I will be happy to sit back relax and read a book.

I'm not going to begrudge a responsible adult a little journey into the mind, its no worse than watching Regis asking those dunba$$ questions. Just stay off the roads!

Timothy (not Leary)
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