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See, that's what makes the Drug conv such fun, lol. There are so many ways to look at things. On one side you got killing brain cells, wasting life, and fake highs, on the other side, you got experimenting, having fun, or escaping.
I personally have a blast playing sports, driving, playing games on my computer (Half-Life, hehehe) or just hanging out with friends. The old saying "whatever floats your boat" comes into play perfectly tho.

I must disagree with you when you talk "down" about "borrowing someone else's life" when watching a game. When playing a game of football or basket ball, don't you get a kick when you get an assist, or throw a touchdown pass? In those cases you're feeling joy for something someone ELSE does. You still cheer tho right? It's the same when watching a game, if the team you like scores, then you feel good about it, but that team isn't feeling the joy FOR you, you're feeling it for yourself.

All I gotta say is do what you wish, but be safe doing it, and stay off the roads while "buzzed".


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