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Lots of things in life are dangerous; that does not mean that they should be made illegal. Especially if the danger is only to the user. That's the angle that the antidrug ads take, that drugs are potentially deadly to the user. After all, if they angle they stressed was danger to others, then our legal intoxicant alcohol comes out looking worst of all. Remember, alcohol was the *original* "date-rape drug." Say, wasn't date rape happening long before we had all these designer date rape drugs anyhow?

And wolve80, you are very very wrong on the pharmocological actions of different drugs. Some do affect the dopamine system of the brain by blocking dopamine reuptake or causing the body to release more dopamine (i.e. cocaine) Ecstacy, for example, has nothing to do with dopamine. Ecstacy causes the body to release serotonin, which is the "feel good" chemical of the brain. The antidepressant "medications" that are so rampantly prescribed (wonder where kids learn to take drugs?) act on the serotonin system as well, blocking it's reuptake into the body thereby making the prozac taker "happie" for longer periods.
It seems odd that so many people accuse recreational drug users (not abusers) of being addicts, and chemically dependant degenerates.. all the while, people who "need" antidepressants such as prozac to be happy are accepted without question.

Everything comes down to personal choice... If you don't like it, cool, don't do it. No one is pressuring you. So don't pressure me.

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