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As I said this is a pet peave. I just have the lamest friends. The only thing they can think of doing is watching TV, going to a movie, going out for drinks or going out for dinner. At least they don't eat vicariously.

I can not get these dudes off the couch for anything. All I get is; my back hurts, I'm tired, I've got a long day tomorrow. You'd think they would explode if they broke a sweat.

When I was a kid we used to watch Bruce Lee Movies and then go outside and beat each other with broom handles, but once you reach thirty it seems no one wants to get hurt.

There is no harm in being a sports fan and associating with a certain team(Met fan since I was 3, Giants since 5) but when you start scheduling you life around someone elses events then maybe its a problem.

I would rather play wiffle ball out back with 2 other friends than watch a non critical regular season game and I still have the broom handles. Heh Heh!

PS anybody want to come over, we can build a ramp in the yard and jump our bicycles over garbage cans!
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