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Youre not the only one to take the question of teenagers and drugs and ask "Why?" Im nineteen, and I dont understand it completely. I do know that there is more to it for some people than being depressed. I have a friend who has to be one of the smartest people I have ever met. He's an engineering student at Berkeley and he drinks day in day out. Why? I dont know, maybe he's bored. School is too simple for him. He has nothing to be depressed about, but he doesnt have anything to be excited about either....So he drinks. I dont understand why.... but I accept it. Needless to say, I have more respect for him when he's sober.

As far as your insinuation that kids/teenagers have nothing to be depressed about.... I resent that and am slightly offended. While you may be right about some of them not having a job/responsibilities.... many of them do. Aside from that, youre assuming that theyre coming from an ideal family/home. Many do not. I say this with some conviction because people have assumed this about me...and were wrong to do so. That act in itself can lead one to feel as though no one understands who they are or what they are coming from. This further leads to a state of isolation where they do not relate with the normal kids. As they are now ostracized from the regular groups, they seek refuge.... with none other than their fellow outcasts (sorry if i use this term lightly). Now not all these groups will be in on the drug scene.... but a good number of them will.... and you can bet that the new members of such groups will jump at the chance to join them smoking or whatever else they do. Why? becuase if they dont they will never be truly accepted as a member of the "circle." They would instead be a spectator... and thats not what theyre looking for... theyre looking to fit in. Peer pressure then becomes something altogether different... there is no dread involved... it is simply appealing.

Now is it wrong for them to turn to drugs to shelter them from the cruel reality awaiting them when they return home? Maybe.. I'm not sure. I do know that I dont agree with what they do... and refuse to act as them. But everyone is different and as such everyone finds solace through different mediums.

I'm one of the lucky ones. Ive been through hard times as a teenager, much harder times than any of my friends have been through, though, I’m sure, much less difficult than what some others experience. Looking back, I now know I was suicidal at on point, not that I ever intended to kill myself, but I constantly wondered what it would be like to just end my life. That isn’t normal. If you think it is… you need to talk to someone. But instead of taking refuge in drugs…. I read book after book after book. And I ran--anywhere from four miles a day to fourteen miles a day. I was lucky, because these are the things that appealed to me then, and still do. And instead of coming away from my depression weak and in a mindless stupor, I came out stronger and smarter. I wish everyone would follow my path. No ones the same though and it could have been different… I could have taken up drugs like the rest of my friends. But, like Ive said before, I don’t agree with drugs. If drugs are what it takes to shelter someone from the storm, however, I wont deny them that refuge. Just know that there is more to a person then what you see on the surface… much more. Empathize when and where you can.

Sorry for going on so long… although I have much more id like to say…. Ill stop here.

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