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Hey! My family puts the FUN in Dysfunctional. (haha...i make myself laugh so hard, i laughed so hard...D'OH...i said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud...ohh well, and if you want mind altering...drop some acid...or shroom. (not that i would know, i swear, never touched anything illegal ever! And i plan on stayin; that way..but from talkin' to the THC (no...not tetro hyron carbonal (or whatever the main thingie in marijana is... ) It stands for the hacky club (you know...them hacky sack thingies) Well, actually about 90% of the people in the "club" are die hard stoners and age'n hippies...that's another story all together, but some of them have described some pretty twisted trips..and suppodedly the trails from shroomin' are wild. DOn't car to know, my RS is all i need for a natural hi.
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