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The PSRS is very similar to the ALK product, but it does a couple of thing a little better. The PSRS gives you more positive caster, about .65degrees, which makes the steering repsonse much better and turn in quicker. We do this by pushing the Control arm out toward the side of the car, which ends up pushing the wheel toward the front of the car. The distance that we push the control arm out is more than ALK, which is why we have more caster. Since we use a Sphearical Bearing, which is more compact than the urethane bushing, we have more room to move the pivot out.

Second thing the PSRS does is move the control arm rear pivot down. This allows the control arm takes bumps a little easier, and is the Anit lifting part of the PSRS. The stock control arm basically rides parellel to the ground, so we moved the pivot so it rides at an angle. The angle isn't more than 1 degree, but it makes a noticable difference.

Third thing, the PSRS uses a spherical bearing for the pivot. The stock part uses a squishy rubber mount that under braking will flex and cause the toe to change. Depending on how old your car is, the rubber will flex enough to cause a .500" of toe out easily. Since we do use a spherical bearing, there is more NVH. But, the NVH you will notice is when you hit a big bump/pot hole, or something more than just regular smooth concrete. What i mean is, on a freeway, there will only be a slight difference in NVH. Comparing it to coilovers with solid type tops, the coilovers are much louder.

The PSRS is $189.99 MRSP, which means that it will sell a little cheaper than that at retail level. WL's product seems to sell for $159.99 on average, so yes ours is more, but we believe people will see ours is worth the extra few dollars.

Cosworth i hope that answers your questions, feel free to call if you have anymore.


I surely could have made your springs stiffer like you requested, but your car will bouncing around all over the road, like a honda on bumpstops. Our springs are design to lower a persons car, and improve the handling by lowering the center of gravity, and provide a slightly stiffer ride that stock. They are not much stiffer, mainly because the struts are valved for a perticular spring rate. If you go out of this rate, the strut becomes more and more "bouncy".

Sure there are aftermarket struts out there that you can adjust the dampening on, but 90% of the people that buy lowering springs have stock struts. That is why they are the stiffness they are. I drove around with AGX's and our springs for a long time, and they were perfect! Stiff, but not kidney hurting stiff, smooth but not overy soft. This was on the 2 setting on the AGX's. When turned stiffer they were great for the track or any racing situation.

Looking at past posts you have made, you seem to be wanting coilover performace from your Perrin Springs??? That is not going to happen, unless you buy some AGX's or some strut that is adjustable. But paying $250 for springs and expecting $1300 in performance is really unreasonable. If you choose to buy some kind of adjustable strut, i am sure that you will be happy.

Jeff Perrin
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