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Talking Portsmouth Meet Ver 2.0 Pics thread

My many thanks to the attendees!

Such horrible weather coupled with such fine folk, I just don't know what to say. For those of you unable to attend, you really missed out.

1. The Christmas cards signed by all are being mailed out to RK, Perry, and Casey. I hope this gesture will bear fruit for us down the road in one form or another.
2. Colm and Lisa did bring their goodies. I believe they made a couple of sales, but more than that, they made a lot of people hopping mad that they couldn't afford their cool toys right now. If you are interested in parts locally, email/visit their site at Classier people simply cannot be found!
3. Jamie is sporting Anthony's hat.
4. I own3d myself with some buffalo shrimp. The jersey is currently in the washer.
5. Many of us got to meet Ed Ross. I have high hopes that Ed will become the partriarch for all of us aspiring rally/road racers. For those of us that have experience and drive wagons, we hope to beat him when his Lotus comes out of hiding!
6. Kent brought another Hampton Roads first, a water injected WRX. I affectionately dubbed it the "Slushee Machine" as it's shooting blue colored alcohol that is similar in appearance to the blue Slushee juice. He also has a APS TMIC/hoses/STi scoop for sale, PM him if you are interested. My offer of $140 still stands though.
7. Ralph Priebe was playing Subaru Santa. I really don't know what to say about Ralph other than his support of our little club is nothing short of wonderful! I plan on sending a thank you to SOA for his support via this link. Please consider doing the same as Ralph is not only responsible for giving away cool stuff, but helps in ways none of us realize.
8. Special thanks to Lamar and Adam for attending as they have quite a drive just to show up from up in Williamsburg. You guys are great!
9. And props to Duncan for being the first Hampton Roads guy running the Link. We don't exactly know what "the Link" is but according to him, it ownz joo! I will give him some props though, the d00d can wire up some stuff.

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